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Philosophical Bunting Vol. V

Protagoras got kinda screwed in this headshot, no?

Protagoras. Photo by: Photo 12/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A bunt that trickles down the line until colliding with the base is art.

Andrés Giménez performed the feat earlier this season.

Brute force bunting. You ... love to see it?

Hitting the base with a bunt is worthwhile because it is hilarious. Look at the defenders after it happens. Morale? Momentum? poof

When this happened the Academy immediately noted it as a once-in-a-contention-window event. How wrong The Academy werewas. Steven Kwan decided to hit third base with a bunt this evening.

[Video of “Steven Kwan bunting the ball down the third base line, it looks like it might go foul — wait, no! It’s going to stay fair I think, is it going to hit the — NO WAY! It hit the bag! Ah hahahah, wild”, is not currently available. Please contact an Administrator or a Level Two Help TechnicianPlease contact an Associate Administrator or a Level One Help Technician. Thank you.]

Of note is that Steven Kwan now joins Andrés Giménez on the Multiple Bunt Hit List (MBHL). This is a group of players who, in their endeavors to reach base, have:

  1. Squared up
  2. Dropped one down
  3. Snooded a spinner
  4. Dragged a beaut

or otherwise successfully bunted more than (1) once when clearly bunting for a hit (Statistics per FanGraphs). Giménez is tied for second, with five. Kwan joins a crowded group with two. Fewer than twenty players in baseball are members.

The Academy labors to better understand the interplay between bunting for a hit in sacrifice situations, bunting when a runner is also stealing, etc. Unfortunately, the latest attempt to resurrect buntotron resulted in unspeakable chaos. Poor little guy.

We believe more Cleveland Guardians are on the Events Featuring Bunt In Which Bunter Reached Base List (EFBIWBRBL), but the generation of said list would require effort.

The holy grail is the Events Featuring Bunt or Bunt Attempt that Lead to Morale Impact, Confidence Loss, or Other Nonboxscore Impacts that Later Led to Runs (EFBoBAtLtMICLoONItLLtR).

We have no expectation that this list can or ever will exist, and so it must be held as a semi-absurd notion. We can only note that, today, eight runs immediately preceded another bagshot.

Bunts and bunt attempts appear to cause chaos, friends.

Of note: Giménez’s bunt hit percentage is greater than .400. Steven Kwan’s is, I believe, .667.

It is not the position of the Academy that players should Bunt Away, but given the modern game, there appear to be yet more opportunities to deploy a decisive bunt.