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Cleveland Guardians 2022 draft tracker: Who has signed so far, and for how much?

An update on which Guardians draft picks have agreed to a deal

Minnesota Twins v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Every pick through the end of round 10 of the MLB draft has a slot value. This is sort of a recommended signing bonus for each of those picks. The number one overall pick has a slot value of $8.85 million this year, all the way down to the final few picks of the 10th round, which have a slot value of $149,500. Teams can still sign their draft picks for however much they want, but if their total expenditures on players in the first 10 rounds exceed the combined slot value of those picks, they are fined. If they exceed their budget by more than 5%, they forfeit a pick in next year’s draft.

It is important that teams draft some players they expect to sign for “below slot.” College seniors are the most likely players to do that, as they don’t have the option of staying in school and waiting to be drafted again. Drafting (and signing) such players frees up room to go “over slot” for players who aren’t going to sign unless there’s enough money on the table. This mostly applies to top high school players, all of whom have scholarship offers they can take instead of signing.

Cleveland had 11 draft picks before the end of round 10 this year. They drafted three high school player with those picks, and eight college players. For 2022, the Guardians’ total draft pool amount was $9,989,700.

Here are those players, along with other pertinent information, the most important item being whether or not they’ve agreed to a deal yet, and if so, whether it’s above or below their slot value:

Top 10 Rounds Bonus Tracker

Round Pick Player Position School Slot Value Actual Bonus Difference
Round Pick Player Position School Slot Value Actual Bonus Difference
1 16 Chase DeLauter OF James Madison $3,940,000 $3,750,000 $190,000
1CB 37 Justin Campbell RHP Oklahoma State $2,100,000 $1,700,000 $400,000
2 54 Parker Messick LHP Florida State $1,410,000 $1,300,000 $110,000
3 92 Joe Lampe OF Arizona State $670,200 $800,000 -$129,800
4 121 Nate Furman 2B UNC Charlotte $497,900 $300,000 $197,900
5 151 Guy Lipscomb Jr. OF Belmont $371,800 $275,000 $96,800
6 181 Dylan DeLucia RHP Ole Miss $284,200 $275,000 $9,200
7 211 Javier Santos RHP Georgia Premier Academy $222,400 $125,000 $97,400
8 241 Jackson Humphries LHP Fuquay-Varina HS $180,000 $600,000 -$420,000
9 271 Austin Peterson RHP UConn $161,200 $125,000 $36,200
10 301 Jacob Zibin RHP TNXL Academy $152,000 $1,200,000 -$1,048,000
11-20 $0 $35,000 -$35,000
Total Spent Remaining
$9,989,700 $10,485,000 -$495,300

The first 10 rounds of the MLB draft aren’t the only ones that matter, of course. Cleveland has hit some home runs in previous years on day three, which is composed of rounds 11-20. Any player drafted in rounds 11-20 can be offered up to $150,000 to sign. They’re allowed to offer more than $150,000, of course, but the extra money will be deducted from the team’s total draft pool for rounds 1-10. In rounds 11-20, the Guardians drafted one high school player and nine college players.

Here are how rounds 11-20 have panned out thus far and who has signed:

Rounds 11-20 Draft Tracker

Round Pick Player Position School Signed? Bonus
Round Pick Player Position School Signed? Bonus
11 331 Magnus Ellerts RHP Florida Southwestern State Yes $125,000
12 361 Jack Jasiak RHP South Florida Yes $125,000
13 391 Tyresse Turner SS USC Yes $125,000
14 421 Pres Cavenaugh OF UNC Greensboro Yes $125,000
15 451 Adam Tulloch LHP Arizona State Yes $125,000
16 481 Logun Clark C Taft HS Yes $125,000
17 511 Angel Zarate OF North Carolina Yes $100,000
18 541 Zach Jacobs RHP UC Riverside Yes $125,000
19 571 Geo Rivera Jr. RHP Walters State CC Yes $160,000
20 601 Shawn Rapp LHP North Carolina Yes $50,000