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Quality Triple-A bats continue to mash

Cleveland Guardians minor league recap for July 29, 2022

Columbus Clippers 9, Louisville Bats 3

Box Score · Clippers improve to 55-41

Bo Naylor, Will Brennan, and Bobby Bradley all homered as the Columbus Clippers thrashed the Louisville Bats. Hunter Gaddis twirled six and allowed three, striking out six and picking off a runner along the way.

I choose to highlight Will Benson. Two walks and a hit from the leadoff spot is acceptable. The 2016 first round pick (ahead of Nolan Jones and various others) slashes ahead to .279/.427/.529 this season at Triple-A. He is Rule 5 draft eligible if not added to the 40-man roster this off-season, though decisions with Franmil Reyes and Alex Call may create vacancies.

Akron RubberDucks 2, Harrisburg Senators 1

Box Score · RubberDucks fall to 49-43

Fresh off a poor performance last night, the Quakron bullpen rebounded with six innings of one-run baseball. Gavin Williams started and ventured three innings before the following:

It’s fine work by committee on a night where it wasn’t planned. Like you, my first question was whether or not Akron pulled Williams due to injury.

Having seen video, Williams has a very cool bruise, at least? We will always be relieved when a comebacker hits the body rather than a limb or the head. Given that he walked off under his own power we are optimistic but will await further news from the club and discontinue speculation.

The real action came in the bottom of the eighth. Daniel Schneemann singled home Micah Pries and George Valera scampered home on a throwing error to take a two-run lead.

The bullpen allowed one in the ninth. Still a win.

Lake County Captains 6, South Bend Cubs 7

Box Score · Hillcats improve to 50-42

I regret to inform you that Aaron Davenport got kicked in the dick last night.

There are other phrases to use for a two-thirds inning appearance in which a starter fails to complete the first inning, but this one feels correct. Davenport — Cleveland’s six round pick out of Hawaii in the 2021 draft — impressed in piggybacking duties last season.

Results this season are interesting as he stretches out for longer appearances. Control is the main concern and Davenport uncorked two wild pitches and two walks. Seven batters, five runs, one tough outing.

That’ll happen. Davenport’s recent rough patch will be interesting to keep an eye on as the real work often begins when adversity arrives.

I know you are asking yourself, “Wait, they gave up five runs in the first and won? How?”

I’m not telling.

Lynchburg Hillcats 7, Delmarva Shorebirds 10

Box Score · Hillcats improve to 46-48

Each and every one of these young men ought to be ashamed and call their mother to apologize.

Losing? LOSING? This isn’t kid’s stuff. We’re not skipping over to the concession stand so Mrs. Studebaker can give us team drinks. THIS IS SERIOUS KID. We wouldn’t shack you up with a random family on a string cheese salary if it weren’t.

Hey! Pick up that blood! Who paid for that floor?

“But what about catcher Richard Paz? He went 2-3 with 3 RBIs and drew a—”

LOSS, KID. Hey Mugsy: show this kid what we do to wise guys. See if he ever finishes a swing again, y’see?

I look around this murder shed turned-clubhouse and see a bunch of losers, boys. Ignore the screams from the other room and FOCUS. If you want to be a frickin’ Gladiator, you’ve got to——

Hang on. Baseball?

Are you absolutely positive?

Mugsy, is it too late?