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Former Tribe Sandy Leon can now say he was a Guardian

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, June 29, 2022

MLB: 2022 Cleveland Media Day USA TODAY NETWORK

With Austin Hedges out a week on the concussion IL, the Guardians needed a catcher. So they called the Reds and requested their AAA one, which justsohappenedtobe Sandy Leon. There were other roster moves as well.

The Guardians also played two games yesterday. They weren’t particularly impressive in either one, but did manage to split with the Twins*.

Because they played baseball yesterday, Jose Ramirez is now top 10 all-time in extra-base hits for Cleveland.

They also play chess.

... as they wait for George.

Around the league

  • Clayton Kershaw and Freddie Freeman have made up.
  • Bryce Harper is going to miss at least a month after undergoing surgery.
  • Akron Groomsmen.
  • Archie Bradley broke his elbow trying to hurdle a dugout railing.


  • Is Jose Miranda hitting .950 against Guardians pitching this season?
  • Does the ninth most popular Browns blogger have more of a platform than the top Guardians beat writer?
  • Is it possible to hit fewer home runs in a month than the Guardians have (not) in June?
  • Can you test potential mothers by splitting Twins the way you can supposedly do if there is just one child?