Guardians 2022 Mock Draft 2.0

With less than 4 weeks to go, here is a 10 round Guardians mock draft. I will leave out players from my 1st mock to highlight different possible future CLE prospects. It's a mix of players that check CLEFO's boxes and personal favorites.

Link to Mock 1.0

16 SS Zach Neto - Campbell

Another SS? Yep. Neto has everything CLEFO is looking for: lopsided BB/K (39 to 19) and great contact ability. They look for that college profile in the mid to late rounds. What makes Neto a candidate for 16th overall is his power and some speed too. Pretty much the entire package. He's a small schooler, but a 500 career OBP in Division I play is extraordinary, especially combined with a 350ish ISO. Neto can hit and mash and he stole 19/20 too. One of the best hitters in Cape Cod too, just to make sure.

37 RHP Owen Murphy - HS (IL)

Two way player, legit draft prospect as SS/3B too, but the higher ceiling is on the mound. Quote "Murphy has advanced feel for multiple pitches and a strong competitive makeup." This sums up why CLEFO is reportedly checking in on him. Riding FB, deep slider. Manipulates pitches. Sounds like a very fine pitching prospect to develop.

54 LHP Jake Bennett - Oklahoma

6'6 Lefty with a plus changeup and strike throwing ability. Also sits low to mid 90s and has touched 98. High K/BB, also Cape performer. Just get him in this system.

94 INF Tucker Toman - HS (SC)

Another rumored target, Toman is a switch hitter, one of the better prep bats, but no clear defensive home yet, probably 2B/3B/LF in that order. He could also go much higher, so he's the obvious (way) over slot signing here with the money saved on the college picks.

121 CF Jace Grady - Dallas Baptist

Grady is another up the middle switch hitter. Young/class, makes good contact and has speed. Strong Cape performance too.

151 RHP Max Rajcic - UCLA

Rajcic is the prototype CLE college selection. Smallish, young for class RHP with deep arsenal but average stuff, good control and knows how to pitch. High K/BB of course. Oh, and HS pedigree too. Does this you remind you of a current Guardians pitcher? :

"While none of Rajcic’s pitches grade out as plus, they play up because he can throw strikes at the top and the bottom of the zone very consistently. He’s super-competitive on the mound and has never shied away from the spotlight, something that will appeal to many teams, even if his size and delivery carry some reliever risk."

CLEFO will draft him, only question is which round, lol. Said the same about Morgan (and Kwan) too weeks before the draft. High CLE model rating.

181 C Adonys Guzman - HS (NY)

Plus defender, plus plus arm, so a sure fire bet to remain a C. Had a very strong summer and combine performance. Moderate over slot signing here. This here should be why CLE drafts him:

"There is absolutely zero concern about Guzman’s ability to not only stick behind the plate, but be a potential Gold Glover there. Not only does he have 70 arm strength, it plays to that grade because his release and transfer are that good. He loves to catch, works hard at it and can take over a game defensively with his arm, all while showing plus receiving and blocking skills while showing the intangibles teams love in a catcher."

211 LHP Pete Hansen - Texas

Another match made I heaven. 6'2 backwards throwing, big school lefty. Performer despite low velo, but more in there due to size. The rest is already there, pitchability, command, plus secondaries.

241 2B Nate Furman - UNC Charlotte

Furman is an OBP machine with speed. Lopsided BB/K, performed everywhere, college and summer leagues. Just the ty3of hitter this org likes:

"Furman consistently ranks among the elite in college baseball in terms of contact rates and chase rates. He protects the zone beautifully, even if the impact with the bat isn't quite present. He's a second baseman through and through with above average-to-plus run times."

271 LHP Chris Villaman - NC State

Tweener that has the stuff to start, rare college RP to pro SP convert chance. K/BB darling

301 RHP Alex Williams - Stanford

Big school/conference performer, now a priority SR signing. Sub 3 career ERA, WHIP barely over 1. Plus secondaries and control, but velo is only high 80s. Williams is 6'3/210, so if there are a couple of mph to unlock, he's a legit SP prospect.

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