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Guardians fall 2-1 despite fine start from McKenzie

I blame Mitchell Q. Hertzschild of Sioux Falls

MLB: Cleveland Guardians at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Triston McKenzie threw all but one pitch for the Guardians today. He allowed two runs on four hits, striking out eight and walking only one.

He lost, naturally.

Cleveland couldn’t muster the offensive timing necessary to overcome Detroit, dropping today’s game by a final of 2-1 and handing over the series victory. Cleveland fell to 19-24 on the season.

The most critical shortcoming for the Guardians? Hitting with runners in scoring position. They left seven total runners on base and went a combined 0-5. That is a suboptimal run-scoring environment. The environment for run-scoring? Suboptimal.

We could sit here and overanalyze a game that the Guardians lost due to sequencing and a couple of well-hit balls by Detroit, but that would be a waste of time on a beautiful day.