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N&N: Guardians hand Reds their first 1-run win of the season

Morning news and notes for May 18, 2022

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Cleveland Guardians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Very Bad

  • Cleveland hosted the laughingstock Reds last night. The 9-win Reds. The owner-not-even-trying Reds. And Cleveland lost. By a score of 5-4. To a team that had won 0 one-run games this season.
  • The Reds hit into 5 double plays, and won. Days after giving up 0 hits, and losing.

The Good, If True

  • Jacob deGrom is “doing extremely well” according to the Mets. He “remains at least a month away from a return.”
  • “Terry Francona, the rest of the coaching staff and Josh Naylor are all feeling better.” Hitting coach Chris Valaika returned last night.

The Logical

  • Logan Allen was already DFA’d by the Orioles.
  • The Dodgers hadn’t played a home doubleheader since the ‘90s, but had to yesterday because of the lockout. They won both games.

The Unfortunate

The Yikes