Guardians 2022 Mock Draft 1.0

With 2 months left for the real thing, here's a first Guardians mock draft, featuring some of my targets:

16 3B C. Collier - Chipola, JuCo (SS Zach Neto - Campbell)

Collier has reclassified for this class, so he's very young, still 17yo on draft day, basically a HS Jr. He then enrolled at one of the better known JuCo in Florida and is already performing, being one of the best hitters on the team. He's getting plus grades for his hitting ability and at least average power. Equipped with a plus arm, he projects best to 3B, but could end up in RF.

37 RHP J. Campbell - Oklahoma State (or Harrington)

Campbell is 6'7, throws low 90s, reached 96. His best pitch is his curveball. He also features a changeup and slider. He had good command of that arsenal. There's some G. Williams in Campbell.

54 RHP T. Harrington - Campbell (or J. Cannon - Georgia)

Harrington is a fast rising small school arm that could be gone when this pick is on the clock. He's got one of the best K/BB ratio in all of Division I college. He's got a 4 pitch mix with a FB that sits low 90s and touched mid 90s. His plus changeup is his best pitch, slider flashes plus too and also a workable curve. Plus command, claro, it's a CLE college arm.

92 C B. Neal - HS (or SS G. Kilen - HS)

Neal is another reclassified HS, so extremely young/class. Considered one of the best prep hitters with a good chance to develop as a catcher. He gets the overslot bonus on money saved on picks before and after.

121 LHP T. Dombroski - Monmouth (or P. Hansen - Texas)

Dombroski is one of my absolute favorites in this class. I'd go as high as round 2 to secure him, probably goes in the 3rd/early 4th. If we get him here, I'll do back flips. Insane K/BB, barely walks anyone. Average across the board arsenal with plus plus command on a 6'5 frame. Was also dominant in Cape Cod. Small school and frame offer lots of development upside. Get him in the system and he'll take off.

151 CF Tres Gonzalez - Georgia Tech

My favorite college hitter. Big conference performer. Plus contact/hit, more walks than Ks, summer wooden bats performance too. Also projects to 55-60 speed and 55 defense. It's the Kwan profile.

181 RHP Andrew Taylor - Central Michigan

Another small school stats and peripherals darling. Very young/class, 6'5 frame, 4 pitch arsenal of 50/55 pitches. You know the boxes that needs checked. Taylor qualifies. Small school sleeper. Could also be a day 3 overslot signing, similar to Jake Miller last draft.

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