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Confusion but joy as Guardians erase six-run deficit to win 12-9

The Guardians scored eleven runs in innings eight through eleven.

MLB: Cleveland Guardians at Chicago White Sox Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

In some baseball games nothing happens; in others, everything happens.

Tonight, a Josh Naylor grand slam capped a six-run ninth to send it into extras. He also blasted a three-run shot to give Cleveland a 12-9 victory. All of this after doubling in a run.

The Chicago White Sox committed four errors.

The Cleveland Guardians committed two errors.

Nick Sandlin walked three guys in a critical high leverage situation and kept a clean sheet.

Emmanuel Clase earned a win while blowing a save without earning a run.

Rick Manning swore on television (again?).

José Abreu went 0-6.

Andrés Giménez doubled and homered.

Three different Guardians threw a wild pitch.

Two different outfielders made errors that were so horrendous the scorekeeper had no choice but to acknowledge them.

A pitcher entered the game but was hurt during warmups and left without recording a pitch.

The White Sox converted a glorious and well-timed sacrifice bunt.

Austin Hedges earned two infield singles AND reached a third time on a infield hit that was ultimately ruled an error.

There is a segment in the sitcom “Sports Night” in which Joshua Molina’s character is unable to cut a baseball game down into a highlight because too many interesting things happen.

It’s played for a laugh in the show, but games like tonight are a reminder that sometimes you are just along for the ride.