2022 Guardians Top 100+ prospects: Top 10

This is the final post of my Guardians Top 100+ prospects list, here is part 8 (with links to part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7):

The Top 3 form an own tier going into this season, Arias/Freeman are close, but not there for different reasons. From 6 on, it's a diverse group that goes to 14 (Noel).

10 RHP Cody Morris

9 RHP Gavin Williams

8 OF/1B Nolan Jones

7 OF/2B Richie Palacios

6 SS Angel Martinez

5 2B Tyler Freeman

4 SS Gabriel Arias

3 OF George Valera

2 RHP Daniel Espino

1 SS Brayan Rocchio

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