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Lines break late as Guardians fall 3-0 in LA

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee

MLB: Cleveland Guardians at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Ward homered twice, leads Los Angeles to 3-0 win against Cleveland.


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Shane Bieber dodged extra bases with a little help from his friends in the early innings, but a persistent onslaught from Angels batters broke through in the seventh. Taylor Ward drove his second home run of the night—this time, on Bieber’s 100th and final pitch of the game— to set the final score where it settled: 3-0.

Trevor Stephan pitched two-thirds of an inning and is yet to allow a run in 2022 while Bryan Shaw made his 700th appearance a scoreless one.

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Richie Palacios made his Major League Baseball debut tonight. Three plate appearances later and he owns two singles. Unfortunately, what looked like a double became a single after the scorekeeper awarded an error in the field.

Pairing plate success with fine fielding is a surefire way to earn playing time; Palacios made a nice catch today, too. Neat!

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José Ramírez walked twice, boosting his average up to .350 on the season. Meanwhile, Austin Hedges continues to allow pitchers to work low in the zone confidently. This is an essential part of the modern game because strikeouts are the meta. That means forcing guys to chase, and if you can work low it forces hitters to cover much more of the zone.

While the runs saved today came ‘round to score anyway, he’ll be happy to know it boosted his slugging to .216.

Franmil Reyes and Owen Miller also walked; they raised their temperatures in the process by an amount that could theoretically be calculated.


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Cleveland owns a four game losing streak and sits 7-9 on the season. They square off against the Angels again tomorrow at [CONFIDENTIAL! Your FBI guy knows you looked at this. hey. HEY! don’t even think about it, nerd].

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