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I can’t stop thinking about Rick Manning’s home run call

“Uh huh ... There ya go.”

It’s been almost a full day since José Ramírez hit a dagger grand slam that sealed Cleveland’s 10-4 win over the Reds Wednesday night, and there’s one thing that I can’t stop thinking about.

Not Steven Kwan continuing his whiffless streak, not the fact that José Ramírez hit another damn home run and is back on track. I’m thinking about the perfect home run call.

This would usually be the time that we celebrate Tom Hamilton losing his mind, or even Matt Underwood excited calling another dinger. But no. This time it was Rick Manning stealing the show with maybe the most unenthused — yet perfect — home run call of all time.

Nothing says GOAT more than making your color commentator this unsurprised about your home run.

Did Rick know that José Ramírez was going to hit a grand slam here? You better believe he did. You can just feel him close his eyes and nod approvingly as José makes contact and he drops the “uh huh” before the ball is even out of the infield.

And then the “there you go” as some unlucky Red fan has to catch the ball that ended his hopes of a happy car ride home? *chef’s kiss*

It even has a nice beat to it, if I do say so myself.