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Opening Day (and Week) has been cancelled

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, March 2, 2022


Rob Manfred, commissioner of baseball, and hater of baseball, decided yesterday that he would prefer less baseball. We all knew he had this preference already, but this time he decided to do something about it. Every team was scheduled to open the season March 31, as this fake news article says with certainty. None of those games will happen, according to the Baseball Hating Fred Man.

Hours earlier, just as Tuesday was beginning, Antihero Bob was fed a story that indicated that a deal was close (without anybody moving), and could be hammered out prior to the (fake) deadline.

We now know that the league gave Bob this story (can’t kill the reputation of a guy who doesn’t have one?) to create optimism so that they could then blame the players (short-sightedly) when a deal didn’t happen.

And that deal didn’t happen. This was the best offer the MLB owners made.

I’m done now; here’s more links

More possible gaslighting from Bob

• The billionaire owners stuck to the only thing they’re good at, and it will cost them one way or the other... all so they could each keep an extra couple million dollars.

The players had a chance to reimagine the game’s economic structure. They probably should have! Instead they asked for a cost-of-living increase. The owners wouldn’t even give them that.

• How did we get here in the first place? Well...