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Add some players, please?

Maybe if we ask nicely something will happen and Cleveland will act like a functioning franchise

Cleveland Indians Officially Become Cleveland Guardians Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

I’ve been trying to be patient. I’m told patience is a virtue, after all. But here we are, six days after MLB and the Players’ Association came to an agreement to end the lockout, and Cleveland has signed all of Luke Maile.

This is not a space for Luke Maile shade, so my apologies if it comes off that way, but — what the hell?

It seemed like the dam broke this week, with Matt Olson, Freddie Freeman, Kyle Schwarber, Joc Pederson, and many other players starting to find their homes for 2022 and beyond. If you include pre-lockout deals (such as Javier Báez to Detroit), every AL Central team has added more than one player on a major league contract, every team except Cleveland, of course. We’ve long known the “financial difficulties” claimed by the organization, but we’ve come to trust the front office minds to make smart moves to fill in the holes in the roster.

Right now, however, we’re all just the “c’mon, do something” meme. Are we supposed to believe the front office really followed the rules and did not discuss any trades during the 99-day lockout? Are we supposed to just continue to trust the front office and purchase tickets while this roster, so evidently incomplete, remains unchanged?

I’m on record stating that I will not support this ownership group until they show a renewed investment in winning rather than milking the team and its fans for profit. That has not changed, and this level of inactivity seems even more hostile to fans than before. The team finally has its new jerseys in stock, but no new signings or guarantees that José Ramírez or Shane Bieber will be around long enough for those jerseys to leave the racks.

There’s still time for this to change. A big trade or an extension of Bieber could be announced minutes after this article is published. I always welcome articles like this becoming irrelevant immediately, because it means something good happened. But I am not holding my breath. Instead, I’m holding a stick, poking a flying G.