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For 29 teams, the lockout ended. Still nothing to report for Cleveland.

Morning news and notes for Friday, March 18, 2022

Cleveland Championships - Day 2 Photo by Lauren Bacho/Getty Images

Cleveland, the past four years have been nothing short of truly life-changing since I heard that Melvin Upton Jr. was being released and was thus not going to solve our outfielder shortage.

OK, maybe not. There’s still a shortage of outfielders in Cleveland, and yesterday was another transactionless day for the 2022 Guardians.

Other Teams Did Things

  • The Braves gave Matt Olson $168 million.
  • And Collin McHugh $10 million.
  • The Yankees gave Anthony Rizzo a two-year contract.
  • Even the Pirates broke the bank and gave a player 7 figures. ...
  • ... and liked how it felt so they did it again. They must have gotten tired of being compared to the stingy franchise in Cleveland.
  • In one way, things are sadder here than in Cincy.
  • But not as sad as Dave Martinez saying he would “love” to have Cesar Hernandez be his leadoff hitter.
  • Hacky-Zach could be joining Nick Wittgren in St. Louis this season
  • The Phillies needed room for LGFT Brad Hand, so they DFA’d LGFT Scott Moss.
  • Aaron Judge implied he has not been vaccinated, which is likely to be a big deal in Toronto and perhaps New York.
  • Minor league players won a lawsuit.