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Optimistic Guardians release 2022 promo schedule

Fireworks, unnamed player bobbleheads, and cheap hotdogs galore

Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Indians Photo by John Reid III/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Cleveland Guardians, ever-optimistic that the prolonged lockout instituted by MLB owners won’t impact the regular season, have posted their promotional giveaway scheduled for 2022.

Included are the usual bobbleheads, t-shirts, ritual sacrifices to Slider the Dark Lord, and various logo-covered items. This year, of course, will be the first to feature the Guardians name and logo — speaking of which, check out the art deco theme that the team is using for these promotional images and calendars.

Giveaway highlights include:

  • March 31: 2022 schedule magnet
  • March 7: Guardians t-shirt
  • March 21: Guardians water bottle
  • June 10: Sunglasses
  • June 11: Unnamed player bobblehead
  • June 25: Unnamed player jersey
  • June 30: Guardians beach towel
  • July 2: ‘47 Larry Doby jersey
  • July 13: Guardians cooler bag
  • July 15: Guardians necklace
  • July 16: Unnamed player bobblehead
  • Aug. 3: Guardians cap
  • Aug. 5: Guardians socks
  • Aug. 6: Unnamed player jersey
  • Aug. 17: Guardians tote bag
  • Sept. 3: Unnamed player bobblehead
  • Sept. 17: Guardians hoodie

As they are every year, Kids Fun Days are sprinkled on Sundays throughout the year and Dollar Dog and fireworks nights follow most Friday night home games. The annual Rock N’ Blast weekend will be on Aug. 19 and Aug. 20.

The Guardians’ full promo schedule can be found here.