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Merry Winter Meeting’s Eve

Morning news and notes for Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022

MLB: OCT 04 Indians Workout
Will Chris Antonetti and co. make moves at the Winter Meetings? Will Getty Images ever include newer photos of anyone in the Guardians front office? Find out tomorrow.
Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Based on the last few days of activity, as well as the number of players still available via free agency and trade, I have a feeling this year’s Winter Meetings will be wild. We haven’t had an opportunity to witness baseball’s yearly rumor mill of chaos in the last two years due to COVID and the MLB-instituted lockout, but it’s finally here tomorrow.

The Rangers made the first big tsunami-sized splash in the free agent pool this offseason by signing Jacob deGrom to a five-year, $185 million deal last night. Apparently, he didn’t even wait for the Mets to make a final offer. Oh, how I missed you, offseason drama.

So far the Guards have been quiet — unless you consider re-signing Anthony Gose loud — but for the next few days, they’ll be rubbing elbows with fellow executives within earshot of Ken Rosenthal. Surely we’ll hear something soon. Hopefully. Maybe.

Cleveland Guardians news

Hall of Fame case for Albert Belle, Kenny Lofton: The week in baseball | Cleveland
Also happening tomorrow, the Contemporary Era BAllot committee will select Hall of Famers that slipped through the cracks of the BWAA. That includes former Clevelander Albert Belle.

From, here’s how one can be inducted into the Hall of Fame tomorrow:

For induction a player must receive 12 votes (75%). Bonds, Clemens and Schilling had their 10-year eligibility on the Baseball Writers Association of America expire last year. Bonds and Clemens, two of the most decorated players in history, never came close to the 75% of the vote required for induction from the writers because of their association with steroids.

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