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Pirates sign Hill, Rangers sign Eovaldi, Braves extend Murphy

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2022

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins
Former Tribe.
Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

Rich Hill has been pitching for a long time. When you throw with your left hand and don’t suck, that tends to happen.

He has pitched for 11 teams, the 2013 Cleveland Indians being one of them.

Therefore, we can say...

LGFT Rich Hill signed with the Pirates yesterday. It will be his 12th team. They hope they did not sign the Cleveland, Baltimore, or Anaheim version.

One other former Boston pitcher pitcher was on the move yesterday, as Nathan Eovaldi decided to take his fastball to Texas. The Red Sox can’t afford anybody.

Not every team wanted to let their players get away, though. The Braves were able to agree on an extension that will keep Sean Murphy there for a long time. Let’s Go Almost Tribe.