Guardians 2023 Top 100 prospects

Hello, since FG and other sites are soon going to release their Guardians system list, I wanted to put mine out there. Writeups will follow, but for now, just rough Tier listings and current FV grades (and ceiling FV in brackets)

FV 55 (Top 20-40 ovr)
1 SS Rocchio (60)
2 SS A. Martinez (60)

FV 50 (Top 100ish)
3 RHP Espino (65)
4 RHP G. Williams (60)
5 RHP Bibee (55)
6 OF Valera (55)

FV 45+
7 CF Brennan (50)
8 C Bo Naylor (55)
9 OF/1B Noel (55)
10 2B Brito (55)
11 2B Freeman (50)

FV 45
12 2B/CF Fox (50)
13 INF Arias (55)
14 INF Tena (55)
15 RHP Morris (50)
16 LHP L. Allen (50)
17 LHP Cantillo (50)
18 RHP Campbell (55)
19 CF Delauter (50)
20 CF Chourio (60)
21 CF Halpin (50)

FV 40+
22 INF J. Benjamin (50)
23 LHP P. Messick (50)
24 C Lavastida (45)

FV 40
25 C J. Cedeno (50)
26 C M. Mejias (50)
27 C V. Izturis (50)
28 CF C. Kokx (45+)
29 SS/2B A. Genao (45+)

30 CF I. Greene (45+)

31 1B/3B M. Collado (45)

32 3B G. Rodriguez (45)

33 CF J. Lampe (45)

34 OF J. Boyd (45)

35 RHP D. Sharpe (45)
36 RHP J. Leftwich (45)
37 RHP E. Hankins (50)
38 RHP H. Gaddis (45)
39 RHP X. Curry (45)
40 LHR T. Herrin (45)
41 LHP D. Nikhazy (45)
42 LHP W. Dion (40+)
43 RHP A. Davenport (40+)
44 RHP T. Burns (40+)
45 RHP P. Battenfield (40+)
46 INF D. Frias (40+)

FV 35+
47 RHP J. Zibin (45+)
48 LHP R. Webb (45+)
49 2B N. Furman (45)
50 OF A. Planez (45)
51 OF J. Rodriguez (45)
52 1B J. Naranjo (40+)
53 OF J. Burgos (40+)
54 RHP D. Delucia (40+)
55 RHP R. Carver (40+)
56 LHP R. Boone (40+)
57 CF G. Lipscomb (40+)
58 INF C. Cairo (40+)

59 INF M. Tolentino (40+)

60 1B M. Pries (40+)
61 RHP H. Stanley (40+)
62 LHR A. Misiaszek (40+)
63 RHR N. Mikolajchak (40+)
64 RHP T. Denholm (40+)
65 RHP T. Mace (40+)
66 RHR M. Hickman (40+)

Still lots of interesting prospects left, especially from recent IFA and draft classes. I'll try to group them later to highlight those worth following. From the last IFA class, I've only picked out a handful I feel comfortable enough to rank or highlight later, but that group has still lots of intriguing darts left in the back pocket. Impressive system

Next Groups.....

Teenage Helium

LHP J. Humphries

RHP E. Hernandez

RHP A. Aldeano

RHP Y. Gomez

RHP J. Santos

CF W. Antunez (20yo)

C R. Lopez

CF L. Durango

This group has more young talents worth following. Antunez is an IFA late bloomer, probably missed a year to injury, but he demolished AZL and kept hitting in A Ball, similar to J. Burgos a year ago, but even more promising. Aldeano was a DSL All Star, Evelio Hernandez one of the better young arms in DSL. Humphries had a lot of draft helium and got 600K to sign. Lopez and Durango were prominent IFA signings that got aggressive assignments, but struggled.


3B/Util D. Fry

RHP K. Marman

RHP C. Smith

RHP T. Benton

RHP A. Abney

LHP A. Scott

This is your annual upper minors depth bucket. One or two could always end up surprising as role players like A. Call and K. McCarty (and Tully) last season. Marman and Benton have the best arm talent and upside, Smith the most consistent, Abney a low slot look reliever type. Any of them could make it as middle reliever.

Post Hype Periphery

RHP J. Wolf

RHP L. Torres

INF R. Delgado

SS Y. Valdes

INF C. Tucker

2B A. Bracho

1B J. Sanquintin

INF J. Pastrano

Well, the group name says it all. Almost all of these prospects got 1+M to sign. They're all young enough to get back on the map, but also one more dud season of getting washed out of the system entirely. Gabriel Rodriguez did the former last season, Q. Holmes the latter. Ray Delgado had somewhat of a quiet breakout year and could be a late bloomer if he performs as 23yo in AA/AAA.

Lost in translation

C R. Paz

C/1B V. Planchart

C M. Ramirez

OF L. Saduy

OF C. Idrogo

RHP V. Soteldo

RHP E. Jerez

RHP H. Villalobos

RHP A. Richardson

RHP W. Vasquez

These guys are all still varying degrees of interesting for me. They don't have eye popping stats, but most did quite well or ok and most did so at young age/level. The reason they're not ranked is that they're all still buried in the lower levels and running out of org control time (think Fermin/R. Burgos las year). I still believe in Planchart as a legit bat, but have no clue if his defense is playable at C.

Recent Draft Depth

RHP J. Jasiak

RHP M. Ellerts

RHP A. Peterson

RHP F. Aleman

RHP J. Miller

RHP R. Johnston

RHP Z. Pettway

RHP T. Thornton

RHP G. Rivera

CF P. Cavenaugh

OF A. Zarate

C L. Clark

INF T. Turner

LHP A Tulloch

LHP S. Rapp

RHP Z. Jacobs

Really love how much value CLEFO got out of day 3 of the past two drafts. Usually a couple of this depth group ends up as legit prospects fairly soon like Kokx, Sharpe, Dion, Leftwich. Especially like Jasiak and Peterson of this group. Jasiak was an injury discount, would have been your typical Guardians mid rd pick (Bibee, Gaddis, Curry etc) if not for injury in his draft year. Peterson is a bit older, but just a consistent college performer (like H. Stanley, N. Enright). Cavenaugh had some mid round hype after a good Cape showing, good buy low flyer. Ellerts and G. Rivera two noteworthy JuCo darts and even mixed in a lotto HS C in Logun Clark.

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