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José Ramírez wants to play in the WBC

Morning news and notes for Friday, Dec. 16, 2022

Division Series - Cleveland Guardians v New York Yankees - Game Two Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

You know what’s cooler than playing in the WBC when you’re recovering from a lingering thumb injury? Not playing in the WBC when you’re recovering from a lingering thumb injury.

Cleveland Guardians news

Guardians’ Jose Ramirez wants to play in WBC if his thumb will let him | Cleveland
Hey, maybe, I don’t know, please don’t? Ramírez, who is currently rehabbing after surgery for a thumb injury that he played through last season, wants to push the timeline of his recovery and play in next spring’s World Baseball Classic. I can’t blame the guy, but I would also love if he just got healthy for the regular season. Chris Antonetti sounds like he might feel the same way. From the article:

“Yeah, we’ll have to see,” said Antonetti. “Josey really wants to play and certainly appreciates the honor that it is to be asked to participate in the WBC. It’s important to him, but we also recognize that there’s a little bit of uncertainty about the timing of his rehab schedule.

“So, we’ll have to see how he’s doing with the rehab and what the timing looks like before we make any decisions around that. But I’m confident if José had a normal offseason and didn’t have surgery, I think he’d be playing in the WBC.”

“I Want To Be A Mentor To Him:” Mike Zunino Talks About How He’ll Work With Guardians Prospect Bo Naylor | Cleveland Baseball Insider
No matter how you feel about Zunino’s ability or health, he’s undoubtedly a Good Guy. It would be easy for him, as a 31-year-old on a one-year deal coming off an injury-plagued season, to say that he wants all the playing time to rebuild his value. But by the sounds of it he is embracing his role in helping the Guardians catcher of the future, Bo Naylor, prepare for the role.

“I would do it with how veteran catchers have helped me in the past. Just be an open book, I mean it’s a position where it’s few and far between guys that get some opportunity to get to pass down some knowledge. So, I just want to help (Naylor) grow, I want to be a mentor to him, I’m looking forward to meeting him. I’m going to speak to him hopefully before Spring Training, you know just start that relationship.”

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