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Morning news and notes for Nov. 23, 2022

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, Nov. 23 2022

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal
Tim Herrin

You’re here because you like baseball, and have hopes the Guardians will make news with a splashy improvement. As much as you may like baseball, I can not provide you with that news.

But I can provide you with this news:

  • Terre Haute is proud of Tim Herrin. I assume. I didn’t read the article. And I don’t expect you to, either. Or this one. I am surprised we have access to a picture of him.
  • The Angels traded three players to the Brewers for Hunter Renfroe.
  • The Pirates claimed 1B Lewin Diaz off waivers. Diaz hit 5 homers on the 2022 Marlins, but “needs an opportunity” to show off his 44 OPS+.
  • Dave Dombrowski is now under contract until 2027 in Philadelphia.
  • The Astros signed Machado. No fair! Oh, wait, it’s Dixon Machado.
  • ZiPS really underestimated Andres Gimenez and the Guardians in 2022.
  • Andrew Benintendi could be a useful pickup for somebody.