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Jhonny Peralta, Hall of Fame candidate

Morning news and notes for Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022

Cleveland Indians v California Angels Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

When anyone thinks about 2000s Cleveland baseball, they obviously think Jhonny Peralta first. Travis Hafner? Grady Sizemore? Get ‘em out of here.

That’s why he’s included on the 2023 Hall of Fame ballot.

Cleveland Guardians news

Peralta makes 1st HOF ballot; Manny, 7th | MLB
The 2023 Hall of Fame ballot has been released and it’s ... underwhelming. Carlos Beltrán is the only new addition with even a shot, and getting caught up in the Astros’ cheating scandal probably lowered those odds. Jhonny Peralta also makes the list with 28.7 career fWAR.

40-Man Deadline Analysis: AL Central | FanGraphs
Who else but Eric Longenhage is going to spill thousands of words about the moves every single team made at the 40-man roster protection deadline? He’s always seemed to like the direction Cleveland is taking the organization and that continues in his breakdown here.

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