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Dear ESPN, the Guardians do not have a blue logo

What are you even doing over there?


Are we all enjoying the Guardians winning Game 1 of the AL Wild Card? Good, me too. But now I want to complain about something.

These are all of the officially listed Cleveland Guardians logos as of Oct. 7, 2022, courtesy of

Do you know what logo they don’t have? This:

Cleveland’s baseball team has not had an official blue C since 1927. What exactly are we doing here? Now, I get why both the Rays and the Guards can’t have blue backgrounds for their score bug background, but just use the regular red C, damnit. It has an outline. We’ll be able to tell what it is, I promise.

I don’t see you out here changing the Red Sox to the Blue Sox just because they are on a white background. They’re not even a playoff team and they get the right logo?

Cleveland has a baseball team in the playoffs for the first time as an organization since 2020, and for the first time since their rebranding as the Guardians. Give them some respect and use their actual logo.