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Cleveland Guardians to face Tampa Bay Rays

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, Oct. 5

Wild Card Game - Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The matchup is set, and I don’t know why anybody is calling it a rematch. The Rays have never beaten the Guardians in a Wild Card.

Guardians 5, Royals 3

The law firm of Quantrill, Plesac, Hentges, Karinchak and Clase got some work in. None of these guys will pitch today, supposedly. I would guess we will see Trevor Stephan, though.

On the offensive side, Amed Rosario had another 3-hit game, and Owen Miller hit his first dinger since the Washington Administration. The 62-degree game-time temperature might have helped, according to some rando on Twitter.

Around baseball

  • The Yankees and Rangers split a doubleheader that Aaron Judge homered in.
  • The Mets took both games of a doubleheader from the Nationals. They have now won 100 games, which doesn’t look like it was enough. At least they get more than a 1-game playoff.
  • Tampa Bay lost a 5-inning game in Boston, which is pretty much ideal from a pitching preservation standpoint. This guy said last night that the word on the street is that the Rays want to lose, anyways, so that they can play the Guardians.
  • The Braves were almost heroes. They almost went an entire season without a sac bunt.
  • It has now been suspected that teams that are out of the race give up on holding runners and running the bases. Also, the Washington Nationals are very bad.