An Open Letter to Indians Fans

An open letter to Cleveland Indians fans,

I understood your disappointment when the Cleveland Indians became the Cleveland Guardians. You felt that you were losing tradition and history. But it is time to move on from the past and enter the present embrace a bright future.

To those of you still going to games, especially playoff games, still wearing Indians gear and Chief are embarrassing yourselves and the city of Cleveland.

This is no longer the Cleveland Indians...the team that lost in 1995, 1997, 2007, and 2016; These are your Cleveland Guardians! A team of young, burgeoning, stars that are writing a bright new chapter of Cleveland history.

How can you hold onto the painful memories of the failures of the past...championing your Chief Wahoo logos and your addiction to suffering? If you go to Cleveland Guardians games still wearing the old racist logos of losing teams...stop going. You are not wanted.

This team...the team of the present and the future...deserves support. How can you go to games wearing racist symbols instead of buying a new Ramirez jersey...el hombre de la gente...who showed he meant it when he said he wanted to stay in Cleveland. You wear the names of players that ended seasons in failure instead of wearing jerseys of players like Giménez and Gonzalez, Naylor and Kwan...players who do nothing but believe and WIN!

Times are changing and while you may be stuck in the past, this new Cleveland Guardians team is moving full steam into the future. Get on board or get out!



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