Stat Comp - 2022 AA/AAA Starting Pitcher Prospects

Check out the spreadsheet below and what immediately sticks out is that we have a LOT of starting pitching set to go at AA-AAA next year that feature high K rates and good hit suppression. This is a really good cohort, and I have them listed in order of how I would rank them right now.

Espino shows a clear separation from the others in two critical catregories - K rate and age. Given his tremendous finish at high-A last year I'm pretty confident he will debut in '22 at the AA level, still on a pitch count but with a slightly longer leash. He is the prized arm of the bunch that they baby as indicated.

'21 adds Pilkington and Battenfield slot right in to the mix, and should debut in the AAA rotation given their mostly full year at AA last year despite the change in laundry. Tobias Myers would slot in as well, but I left him off because I didn't see him it all and left him off my overall rankings.

The front office did a good job supplementing the starting pitching depth that is poised to help out in Cleveland in the next year plus, depth added to a still young and controllable ML staff. This depth also makes a "pitching for hitting" trade more likely at the onset of the season, as perhaps the best bet to add a proven bat to the OF before the season starts. Or later. We'll see.

Make sure your eyes adjust to the left justification of the column headers and the right justification of numerical cell contents. They do line up, just concentrate on the cell borders!

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