2022 Guardians Top 100+ prospects: 31-40

This is part 6 of my Guardians Top 100+ prospects list, here are part 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5:

Writeups in the comments:

40 OF Oscar Gonzalez

39 CF Luis Durango

38 CF Isaiah Greene

37 SS/3B Dayan Frias

36 SS/2B Angel Genao

35 SS/2B Carson Tucker

34 INF Jake Fox

33 RHP Hunter Gaddis

32 RHP Xzavion Curry

31 CF Will Brennan

I'd probably have a different order every day within this group and almost any order could be argued. I've grouped positions together, but felt Brennan deserves to head this list. The position groups behind him can be shuffled and feel free to argue splitting them up in the comments, if you have strong opinions on any of these prospects.

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