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Mariners continue to defy run differential

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners
the only seattle mariner who ever mattered to me
Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Seattle Mariners, who have been outscored by 50 runs this season, now have a better record than the Toronto Blue Jays, who have been outscored by -167.

At 88-70, the M’s are a half-game behind the Boston Red Sox for the second Wild Card, and thus look like our best shot at avoiding a NY-Boston Wild Card Game. Go ... Mariners?

Less relevant things

  • The Cleveland Baseball Team traveled to KC yesterday so that they could lose to the Royals 6-4. But it wasn’t a complete waste. Anthony Gose got out the two batters he faced, Jose Ramirez got to add two hits to his total, Yu Chang got an RBI, and Tom Hamilton got to see Kauffman Stadium. Bryan Shaw saved the fans from having to endure a 5-hour game.
  • The Atlanta Braves beat Philadelphia and will thusly likely get to play postseason games. Chuck Morton has predictably been an awesome (re-) addition for them, and last night their fans got to see him outpitch Zach Wheeler.
  • The Orioles beat Boston. lol.
  • The Giants and Dodgers both won.
  • Juan Soto still isn’t getting enough attention.
  • Noah Syndergaard returned to a major league mound.
  • Yes, that is Franklin Gutierrez. He’s the only Mariner I’ve ever cared about for more than 10 days.