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He hit it how far? An infographic of massive home run totals

Franmil Reyes’ big outings aren’t the only multiple-home run games in Cleveland

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

On Wednesday, July 28, Franmil Reyes did a very Franmil Reyes thing: He hit a ball so hard and so far that it left Progressive Field altogether. Even more incredible, though, is that it was just his first home run of the day.

On the day, Reyes sent the baseball (well, two baseballs) travelling a total of 867 feet. Google maps says it’s roughly 1,056 feet from the middle of Progressive Field to the Guardians of Traffic on the Hope-Memorial Bridge. If Reyes’ bombs had been one mega-home run, it likely could have reached the team’s new namesake on the bounce.

As amazing as 867 feet of home runs is, it’s not even Reyes’ best day in a Cleveland uniform. That happened earlier this year, when the Franimal rocketed 886 feet worth of home runs against the Twins. The power the 26-year-old Dominican Slugger possesses is truly something to behold, and it set me on a hunt to find out if Reyes was Cleveland’s most prodigious dinger of dongs.

Using Baseball Savant’s search, I found every multiple-home run game Cleveland has had during the Statcast era (2015-present) and totalled up the distances of home runs hit by individual players. Despite playing less than 300 games in Cleveland, Reyes is responsible for three of the top five multiple-home run games in terms of cumulative distance of home runs hit. In addition to the two monster games mentioned, Reyes had a third(!) two-home run game on April 9 of this year versus the Tigers in which he clobbered 855 feet of long balls. Those three games rank second, third, and fifth for Cleveland in this era.

The longest single-game output came from Edwin Encarnación on May 2, 2018, when he blasted three home runs in a single game versus the Rangers. His trifecta of homers travelled 1,234 feet, easily besting the distance of any of the 73 other multiple-home run games (all of which featured just two home runs per player). Encarnación is also responsible for the fourth-longest distance, from June 3, 2018, when he smashed 861 feet of home runs.

But the most multiple-home run games for Cleveland since 2015? You know who it is, bro. José Ramírez is responsible for 17 two-home run games in that span for nearly 13,000 feet of bombs in those contests. He has six more multiple-home run games than second-place Francisco Lindor, who had 11 with Cleveland.

Below is an infographic illustrating the cumulative distances hit in multiple-home run games by all 22 Cleveland players who have had such games in the Statcast era. Poke around and remember some guys who had a really, really good day.