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Storm clouds gather as blown save extends Cleveland’s losing streak

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Cleveland entered the bottom of the ninth with the lead, you know.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

José Ramírez and Franmil Reyes are back, if you have not heard.

Not content with driving in five via double and dinger, Reyes also singled and joined Ramírez on a stolen base adventure.

None of this mattered — Cleveland still blew the game in spectacular fashion after erasing a 5-1 deficit. This team wins plenty of games because of poor managerial decision-making and bizarre run-scoring fielder’s choice plays. They are also bound to lose some, too. The rate may be accelerating, in fact.

Everyone is going to jump to the comments to scream so I’ll move along as well.

Corner Pieces

  • Harold Ramirez made two excellent catches in right field after Eddie Rosario’s early exit (side tightness) led to defensive realignment. I will not concern myself with how another player might have looked making these plays because Harold made them.
  • Speaking of excellent catches, Bradley Zimmer added another to his resume. He also drew a walk and struck out three times. I do not know if this is winning baseball.
  • Oscar Mercado drew two walks, singled, and scored twice. He, too, enjoyed an adventure on the basepaths. Despite a sensational jump from first base, Mercado halted as Mike Zunino threw to second base to catch him stealing. Mercado dove back, but since the throw to first ended up in a dugout he was awarded third. Just like he drew it up, I’m sure.
  • The Rays dared to hit Bobby Bradley with a pitch. Bradley now has several days to think about which portion of the outer wall of Tropicana Field he will hit when he exacts his revenge.

Wait, What?

Yandy Diaz went 2-5 with 2 R, 2 RBI, and a game-winning fielder’s choice. Sure!

What’s next?

A storm is bearing down on the west coast of Florida. Keep an eye on wind shear and central pressure if you’re interested. The NHC is not overly concerned at the moment, which is good news.

It was also 100+ degrees in the Pacific Northwest for a bit and according to an NPR report this morning there are not going to be any blueberries or raspberries from the region this year. It had simply never happened before. No one is sure how to react.

The same is true of Harold Ramirez making a catch against the wall. Life is full of surprises.