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New team name, same problems

Morning news and notes for Saturday, July 24, 2021

MLB: JUL 23 Rays at Indians
The Clevelnd Guardians one offensive bright spot
Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Finally, a new team name. Unfortunately, the team still can’t catch, hit, run, throw or pitch with any consistency. And, as far as baseball teams getting rid of racist nicknames goes — Atlanta: you are still on the clock and you have no more excuses.

Yesterday’s baseball: CTC Recap | MLB Recap | Box Score
Today’s baseball: TBD vs. J.C. Mehia

Cleveland Guardians news

Cleveland Guardians - Letter From Paul Dolan | Cleveland Indians
Letter From Paul Dolan.

Top draft picks Gavin Williams, Doug Nikhazy sign deals and 4 other things about the Cleveland Indians -
Cleveland expected to have about 17 draft picks signed by Friday night.

Cleveland Guardians | Cleveland Indians
Parsing the components of the name change.

With Guardians, Cleveland Steps Away From an Offensive Name - The New York Times
After years of pressure, and amid a growing trend away from names that reference Indigenous people, the team will drop its “Indians” mascot, which it used for more than 100 years.

How the Cleveland Indians became the Guardians
Castrovince brings in the history.

Cleveland Indians change name to Guardians
The team announced through a video posted to its Twitter account on Friday morning that it will be changing its name from the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Guardians. The name will go into effect following the conclusion of the 2021 season.

The inside story of how Cleveland Indians became Cleveland Guardians – Terry Pluto -
When the Tribe's front office knew it was changing its name, it didn't want to change everything about the brand of the baseball team.

Cleveland’s baseball team will be called Guardians after racism accusations | MLB | The Guardian
What the British newspaper The Guardian thinks about The Guardians.

I Was Mad About The Cleveland Guardians Until I Wasn't
The new name for Cleveland's pro baseball team is based on the Hope Memorial Bridge's Guardians of Traffic statues and is somewhat stupid. It's also just fine.

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