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Cleveland reportedly has a new name picked out but they aren’t ready to tell us yet

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Morning news and notes for Friday, July 23, 2021

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Houston Astros v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Yesterday’s baseball: bad
Today’s baseball: Zach Plesac vs. TBD

Cleveland baseball news

Cleveland Indians have picked a new name, but aren’t quite ready to announce it | Cleveland
The first halfway trustworthy report about Cleveland finally landing on a new baseball team name came from Paul Hoynes at CleCom yesterday, but he didn’t seem to get a firm answer on when the team would announce the choice. His source would “neither confirm nor deny” that such an announcement was imminent.

Cleveland Indians to announce new name in coming days | NBC 4i
Then, four hours later off the top rope came Jen Steer at NBC 4i stating in no uncertain terms that the team had a name picked out and they would be making an announcement within days.


Even before Hoynes apparently went to talk with his sources, and Jen Steer went to hers, someone apparently messaged popular Cleveland-area Twitter account @Reflog_18 (aka McNeil, aka hey did you know “reflog” is just “golfer” backwards?) that the choice was the Guardians and the announcement would come on Friday. That’s today!

Now, of course, this is nothing on its own. McNeil himself jokes about how flimsy the “anonymous source” is, but it sure is some kind of timing. Combined with two other reliable news source stating that a change has been decided and one of them, rather affirmatively, saying that it will be announced soon has me all tingly inside.

Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t, but Cleveland would be stupid not to just announce it now and get it over with. Let everyone get their gripes about it out while baseball is being played instead of amplified by the nothingness of the offseason.

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