Draft Targets pt 3, High School

I'll preface that the HS demographic is a much more difficult group to get a read on every draft. Less data, less video, much younger, so there's more projection baked in, which is always an educated guessing game.

That said, based on former trends and with a personal preference to floor over raw tools (disagreeing with CLEFO sometimes, especially early in drafts), here are my HS targets for this draft:

C C. Saum - CA (mid round, mid six figures gamble I'd like)

C A. Aroz - CA (same as above)

C L. Torres - PR (raw, later rd lotto ticket if signable)

3B/1B T. White - FL (Mid rd power gamble, if signable)

2B P. Stovall - LA (one of the best pure prep hitters, 1-2 rd lock)

SS C. Williams - CA (1-2 rd possibility, riser)

SS E. Arroyo - PR (1-3 rd)

SS N. Miller - WI (2-4 rd, Owen's bro)

SS R. Spikes - GA (2-4 rd, some 1st heat, riser)

SS E. Hammill - ON (mid day 2 or 3 gamble on age, similar to Samad Taylor)

SS J. Triantos - VA (contact darling CLE likes, wildcard, but see him 2-4 rd over slot)

SS C. Febus Rodriguez - PR (see Torres above)

CF W. Taylor - PA (plus plus speed, Top 50 pick, very likely 1st rd)

CF M. Sirota - NY (nice mid round gamble if signable)

CF T. Reed - CA (toolsy, but inconsistent draft year dropped him out of 1st talk, buy low option if signable)

OF D. Lile - KY (M. Brantley HS profile, 1st under slot or 2/3 over)


A. Painter - FL (was considered Top 10 talent, but HS pitching always drops, similar to Hankins)

C. Petty - NJ (another 1st rd arm, weird mix of Espino/L. Torres profile)

T. Hurd - CA (good mix of pitchability, performance and projection, over slot 2-3 target)

R. Kimball - SC (Sub 6 foot data darling, very young, wildcard)

J. Steinmetz - NY (good mid round gamble if signable)

T. Ventimiglia - NY (see above)


F. Mozzicato - CT (riser, good mix of now stuff and body projection, lefty version of Hurd)

G. Jump - CA (smallish data darling, either 2-3 over slot or college or 1st under slot deal)

J. Hartle - NC (6'5 projection monster)

A. Solometo - NJ (6'5 with control and weird stuff CLEFO likes)

B. Selvidge - AZ (bit older, atypical CLE selection, but there are CLE rumors, maybe signable to modest sum)

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