Draft Targets, a primer

Hello draft nerds, interested, lurkers. This upcoming draft starts on Sunday night with rounds 1+2(comp) and has 20 rounds overall. CLE will have 3 picks on day 1 and 21 overall. It's a deeper than usual player pool due to the shortened 2020 draft with many college players that returned to school. Thus, the college player pool is deeper than ever, BUT at the same time with less data on it and more of a gamble than usual, also because of the shortened 2020 college season and wooden bats summer leagues data that many teams, especially data driven one's like CLE rely on.

With that said, this is part 1 of my attempt at a draft primer. It won't be perfect and I'll miss players, simply because of lack of preparation time (though I started listing months ago) and a large player pool to cover for only one person.

For reference, here's PG's Top 500 and other great resource lists that I find useful. Don't have access to BA's list, so anyone who has, feel free to add rankings on my targets in the comments section.

Before I start dropping names on you, this will be list-only with commentary punted to the comments section (if anyone has questions about players). My targets check several boxes CLEFO has looked for in the past and I mostly agree with, those are:

(A) = age, usually around 21yo, up to 21.4 for college picks and 18/18.4 for HS picks

(B) = budget saver, usually older college players 22.5yo and up, often SR or older JR

(C) = control/contact or pitchability/ability to make contact

(D) = down draft season, but former pedigree or strong track record

(F) = high floor, lower ceiling types, think Ernie Clement, Eli Morgan

(G) = gamble, high risk, high ceiling/low floor types, ie Karinchak, Benson

(I) = injury discount, another bucket CLEFO had success with (or not), Plesac (Aiken)

(P) = performance, strong overall stats

(R) = Ratio, as in K/BB, one of the most important stats CLEFO looks for, for both sides

(S) = sleeper, players I value higher than where they're ranked on lists

(T) = track record, consistent performance over years, including summer league play

(U) = Upside/Ceiling left

List 1, college pitching coming up....

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