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Cleveland announces update on team rebranding process

A list of potential team names are currently being vetted

MLB: JUL 03 Indians at Royals Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Cleveland launched a new webpage this morning outlining their process for a new team name, though no timeline for a decision has been provided.

The process is outlined as follows:

  • Listen & Learn
  • Announce
  • Research
  • Ideate
  • Create, Revise & Finalize
  • Unveil

The Listen & Learn stage refers to the “meaningful conversations” the organization had “with a variety of stakeholders, including Native American groups, fans, civic leaders, leading researchers focused on Native American culture and issues, internal teammates, players, and corporate partners.” The Announce stage was when the team announced on Dec. 14, 2020, that they would begin the process of changing the team name to “one that will better unify our community and build on our legacy for a new generation.”

The Research phase of the process has been ongoing. The organization has held discussion sessions with different groups of people, soliciting input from fans, community leaders, local influencers, staff, and front office teammates on a range of topics. Other discussions have been with local influencers and young professionals in the area, followed by forums with civic leaders, season ticket holders, local teens, and families.

These conversations have yielded three central themes:

  • Connect to the city of Cleveland
  • Preserve our rich baseball history
  • Unite the community

The organization has compiled an extensive list of potential names, using these key themes as a springboard. They are currently “putting all names through a vetting process.”

It remains unclear how long that vetting process will take, which will be followed by the Create, Revise & Finalize stage, but you can sign up to receive updates on the new web page.