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Minnesota handles Cleveland in 8-2 rout

We await further details on Josh Naylor’s injury

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Before we begin I’d like to write about the injury Josh Naylor suffered during this afternoon’s game. He and Ernie Clement collided while converging on a pop-fly to right field. Team doctors carted him off of the field and paramedics transported him to a local hospital. Harold Ramirez helped a shaken Clement, hat over his face, back to the third-base dugout.

We hope to hear good news soon and wish Josh (and Ernie, too) a complete recovery.

Justin Garza debuted as a Major League Ballplayer today. He threw two and two-thirds innings of relief, striking out three. He also allowed a 3-run home run to Nelson Cruz.

What he didn’t consider is that his parents were already on the way to Columbus to watch him pitch and had to reroute. @Just shockingly thoughtless, Justin@

This contrasted with Sam Hentges’ performance. The young southpaw walked four and allowed six runs in three and one-third innings. I’m not sure that any further description would add detail beyond that line. There are things upon which Hentges must work in order to improve, but I think that he is with the right organization to do so.

Stranger still, Phil Maton struck out the first two batters that he faced and then walked three in a row. Kyle Nelson walked in one more for good measure, and then retired the next four hitters in order to end the game. Baseball!

Amed Rosario enjoyed the afternoon at the plate. I assume so, anyway — he doubled, singled, and walked. Eddie Rosario and Rene Rivera contributed via RBI single and solo home run, respectively.

Our Very Large Son Bobby Bradley went 0-for-4 on the day and struck out twice. He put up a fight in both and also jumped on a 0-for-0 pitch late but it could not find the grass. There will be days like this. I still believe he is the chosen one to lead The Council of Mash in revolt against the Academy of Bunting Sciences, but time will tell.

Speaking of which, [1,701 words redacted by the Academy of Bunting Sciences]. Just feels nice to unload like that. Thank you.

Hanley Ramirez and Bradley Zimmer continued their respective baseball walkabouts. Ramirez singled, struck out three times, and turned a simple catch into a spectacular play. Zimmer came in to replace Naylor and takeover in center — he walked, grounded out, and turned a spectacular play into a simple catch. We will need them both now.

Finally, José Ramírez doubled and scored. He drove two more balls deep; one of these would have updated the scoreboard in many other ballparks.

That is the rundown from today’s game. I am fairly sure that I have express written consent. It’s somewhere around here. The sock drawer?