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Here are MLB’s 2021 All-Star jerseys

They’re here and they’re terrible

Major League Baseball and Nike unveiled their designs for the 2021 All-Star Game in Colorado and they are, in a word, not very good and actually probably pretty bad.

As detailed by Chris Creamer here, the hat designs prominently feature a purple and white star with the mountain range design used in the Rockies logo behind each players’ own logo.

That’ll be $42, please

That’s all well and good until you get to the jerseys, which look like cheap soccer kit rip-offs.

Sports Logos

Cleveland’s (sorry, CCLEveland’s) features a Block C over another Block C and a red American flag on the sleeve for some reason.

These jerseys will also be worn during the All-Star Game itself for the first time. In previous years, they were worn during other festivities including the Home Run Derby, but not the contest itself. If there’s a silver lining to Cleveland not having many All-Stars this season it’s that they don’t have to wear these.

It’s also worth noting that these uniforms were designed in an incredibly short amount of time. Colorado was awarded the All-Star game a mere 10 weeks ago, and these look like they were clearly designed with Atlanta in mind but had to be adapted at the last minute. That doesn’t quite explain why they are being used in the All-Star Game itself now, but it does explain why the designs aren’t very Colorado-centric outside of the color of the star logo.

The jerseys and hats are available for purchase at Fanatics now.