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Wild night of baseball escalates until Sergio Romo drops his pants

Morning nudes and notes for June 23, 2021

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Um, well, I guess I should start with Cleveland’s baseball team, even though you’re undoubtedly waiting to hear about that headline ...

For five innings, Eli Morgan pitched as well as anyone could have dreamed. After that, things did not go well. Chicago scored what felt like ten runs in the sixth, and it might as well have been because Cleveland’s offense was invisible in eight of the nine innings Tuesday night.

As this disaster was taking place, Wander Franco was having a fantastic debut, but Rob Manfred had a different (self-inflicted) disaster taking over the news.

(Currently, if you Google “Wander Franco” (gotta make sure I spelled his name right, okay?), the top result is (even though it has absolutely nothing to do with Franco. The matrix is glitching, I guess?) Jeff Passan’s tweet about...)

And no, we still can’t get to Sergio Romo, because first, Max Scherzer and Joe Girardi had a beef that led to Scherzer starting to undo his belt before umpires stopped him.

Girardi was eventually ejected.

Assumedly, Sergio Romo saw all this going on, and it inspired him to take things a bit further ...

In other pitcher news...