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5/31 Game 1 Thread - Cleveland vs. White Sox

Not sure if there are any special uniforms today but Chris Sale isn’t around so we should be okay.

Toronto Blue Jays v Cleveland Indians - Game Two Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

This season is beginning to feel like an ill-advised jam band session with five guitarists all waiting for their eight bars only to vaguely disappoint with whatever the hell that solo was. Meanwhile, the bassist and the drummer are quietly perfect, over and over again, waiting for the damn thing to come back around.

It really doesn’t make sense that we have a winning record, but as long as starting pitching and the bullpen give the offense a chance to compete this team is going to stick around.

I know we’ve been talking about adding another bat, but we should really look into a saxophone player, you guys. I bet if Clarence Clemons had barreled one up it would have carried plenty.