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Bemused coach unable to dislodge child from bucket

“He did what I asked him to, I guess?”

Baseball in America.Norwalk Little League. Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

NORDONIA, OH — Little League Coach Fred Mosely struggled to remove Orioles outfielder Timmy Mitchell from a bucket during Sunday night’s practice. According to Mosely, Mitchell became entangled in a hitting net and various other baseball implements within the bucket during a hitting drill.

“I’m teaching these kids to swing, how to come through the zone, right?” said Mosely, locking back both hands — but, crucially, keeping them a little wiggly. “That’s a lifetime journey but these kids are ten years old. Keep it easy, Fred. Step in the bucket, Timmy. I just — that kid is just...” Mosely stared off toward the parking lot in silence.

The incident derailed an otherwise productive practice when fellow players flocked around Mitchell as he rolled around the mound.

“Help!” said Mitchell. “I’m stuck in the bucket. Please help me! I’m stuck in a bucket!”

“He’s stuck in the bucket,” confirmed Lewie Shmershtensher, 9, with a giggle.

“What if he’s stuck forever?” asked Maddie Lawrence, 10.

“TIMMY got STUCK in a BUUUUU-CKET,” sang someone’s... is that somebody’s dad?

The Orioles finished last season 3-17 and led the coach pitch league in strikeouts. Mosely, 58, has claimed for the fourth consecutive season that this is the last he will coach.

At press time, Timmy was face-down at home with both legs stuck inside the bucket.