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Franmil Reyes explains his home run bazooka

Sometimes finger guns just don’t cut it

Cleveland Indians v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Finger guns are fine and good if you’re a puny baseball human. But what if you’re all of 6-foot-5, 265 pounds of pure muscle, speed, and power?

You need a bazooka, obviously.

That’s exactly what Franmil Reyes explained to Andre Knott following his two-homer performance in Tuesday’s win against the Twins:

Tired: finger pistols Wired: air bazooka

Posted by Bally Sports Cleveland on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

When I got traded here I saw everybody like Kipnis always showing a pistol, Mercado showing the same thing. I’m like “I’m too big for this, I need a bazooka” you know what I’m saying? So I just take it off the side, cock it, put it right here, and just throw it to the dugout.

Finger guns from Cleveland batters began (or at least started being popular) in early 2019, with seemingly everyone getting in on the pewing. For what it was worth, Oscar Mercado had one of the fastest pews per second, Kevin Plawecki had the fastest draws in the midwest, Jordan Luplow opted for the cool-guy slow draw, Bobby Bradley gave us the most exciting finger guns, and Jason Kipnis had several ways of celebrating when he reached second.

And then came the Trevor Bauer trade at the deadline and the arrival Franmil Reyes and his big bazooka. This is still probably the clearest video of it to date — a fifth-inning homer in Sept. 2019. You can even see the little slide-step he does to draw the bazooka that prompted Andre’s question. On the away (Clevland) broadcast, you can see the dugout loving it, too.

I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t mind seeing 40-or-so more bazookas this season from the big guy.