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Cleveland offense fends off perfect game, settles for being no-hit instead

Everything went wrong, and then it got worse

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Plesac started tonight. It didn’t go well.

The offense played. It somehow went worse.

And that’s essentially your recap.

It’s worth at least analyzing how Plesac’s night went so bad so quickly. The unfortunate answer is ... everything. He didn’t seem to have a feel for anything out of the gate — even before he gave up a mammoth three-run home run. He couldn’t get on the same page as Roberto Pérez behind the plate, and just felt off from the moment he touched the mound. Maybe it was just one of those nights.

Plesac threw his changeup nine times, and it was the only pitch to induce a swinging strike (and it only did so once). Even then, he wasn’t throwing it with any kind of purpose — it just kind of floated out there and somehow avoided getting hammered. His four-seamer, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. A fastball that caught too much of the plate is what Yermin Mercedes launched 431 feet to deep left.

Ironically, in the top of the first, Jordan Luplow squared up the first pitch of the game. It looked like it could have been gone off the bat, but it ultimately died and didn’t even make it to the warning track. This prompted Rick Manning to state that it was cold, so the ball wasn’t carrying well. Maybe he was right, but it didn’t matter much when the White Sox hit four balls over 100 mph in the first inning alone. That pretty much sealed it.

Oh, right, and the Cleveland lineup had a perfect game going against it for 8.1 innings. If it wasn’t for Carlos Rodón believing he really needed a back-foot slider with an 0-2 count, he might have gotten it. But instead, Roberto Pérez got plunked on the foot and had to stand around on first base in the middle of an 8-0 game.

It was just a no-hitter instead.

Corner Pieces

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Wait, what?

I mean, everything, really.

What’s next

Pain. The heat death of the universe.