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What to expect from Covering the Corner

We try to maintain somewhere between three and six posts per day on Covering the Corner, depending on the time of the year and how busy Cleveland is. This never comes at the expense of watering down content to get more posts — there is always something worthwhile to talk about. If a day has fewer-than-normal posts it is because of time constraints more than anything. But with that said, here is most of what you can expect from the site:

Morning news & notes

Every morning at approximately 9 a.m. ET a morning news and notes will be posted and clearly marked with an “N&N:” at the beginning on the front page. This is a link dump of everything that happened around the league the day prior, Guardians-related or not. It’s also the place to discuss miscellaneous things happening around the league on that day that do not get their own post otherwise. I like to think of it as a morning paper for baseball fans.

If you missed yesterday’s action, or just want to start a new conversation that doesn’t fit anywhere else, this is the place to be.


Breaking news analysis

When Guardians news happens, big or small, we want to talk about it. And, more importantly, we want the community to have a space to discuss it. That’s where these posts come in, labeled under “Cleveland Guardians News”. Sometimes they will be quick, 200-word posts with an embedded tweet from a reporter, sometimes they’ll be longer reactions and analysis of moves the Guardians make. Either way, they’ll almost always be up shortly after some kind of discussion-worthy news breaks.

After Cleveland has added a player or traded away someone, take time to collect your thoughts then talk about them here.


In-depth analysis & editorials

Posts going in-depth with something related to Guardians players or the league, in general, could come at any time of the year. A few CTC writers are scheduled to have one per week, and they are great at taking that time to put together well throughout ideas and analysis of baseball. A lot of times these are also FanPosts that get promoted to the front page from great community members.

Most of the time these posts will involve a lot of sabermetrics, so they may not be your cup of tea if you are a more traditional fan.


Game Threads

Game threads will be posted, on average, 20 minutes before a game starts. The general goal is the :50-minute mark the hour before a game starts. For example, if the Guardians play the White Sox at 7:10 p.m. ET, the game thread will go up at 6:50 p.m. ET. These posts will be hidden the following morning so they don’t clutter up the front page, but if you have some stray conversations you still want to have, the posts are still available — just not on the front page.

This is the place to talk about every minute of a game happening as it happens. Also, feel free to embed any Twitter posts that come up here.

Game Recaps

Pretty self-explanatory, game recaps will recap ... the games right after they happen. If you miss a game for some reason or just want to talk about what happened, this is your post.


Series previews

Breakdowns of upcoming matchups, pitcher battles, and an overview of how opposing teams are heading into each series against the Guardians. At the end of each post will also be a poll where you can guess how many wins Cleveland will accumulate throughout the series. Feel free to throw your guess in the comments, too.


Cleveland Guardians history

Dig into the history of Cleveland baseball, from 100 years ago to analyzing a trade that just happened a few years ago. This is primarily Merritt Rohlfing’s domain, and you’ll see them occasionally pop up on the front page, especially when we’re desperate for anything to talk about.


The Academy of Bunting Sciences

We don’t discuss that.

This is a good sample of most of the posts you will see on Covering the Corner, but it is far from a final list. There are also various weekly posts that go for a time then end, and other special series that pop up from time to time.