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Bryan Shaw got absolutely roasted by his own wife

“Also, I love you”

2021 Cleveland Indians Photo Day Photo by Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Former and now current Cleveland reliever Bryan Shaw has a new look for 2021 that could generously be described as “hitchhiker you shouldn’t pick up within a three-mile radius of a state penitentiary.” It’s a look I would not recommend running through an age filter, but it certainly seems to work for Bryan, so more power to him.

His wife, Kristen Shaw, wanted to make sure he was aware of it by contrasting the clean-shaven look of his baby-faced rookie season with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2011 and the mountain man he has become after a three-year trip from Colorado to Seattle to find himself.

But it’s more than just the beard, isn’t it?

Hey, kids. Do you want to know what true love is? This is true love.

There must be something about good relievers and cold, dead eyes because Brad Hand had the same thing and he also rules. Calling a sub-3.00 ERA for Shaw in 2021 right now.