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Welcome to our new name: Covering the Corner

After 16 years of coverage of Cleveland’s baseball team as “Let’s Go Tribe”, I am happy to announce that we are officially rebranding as “Covering the Corner” in anticipation of Cleveland’s eventual baseball team name change.

Last year, the front office came to the conclusion that their nickname cannot continue, and it would be irresponsible of us to believe that ours should as well. That’s why, as soon as it was revealed that Cleveland would be changing their team name, we set out to start changing ours.

It was a decision narrowed down from over a dozen suggestions by staff and community members, and we ultimately landed on Covering the Corner for its versatility, unique link to Cleveland baseball, and downright catchiness. Not to mention that what we do here can loosely be described as “covering”. So, y’know, it works.

While we excitedly wait to see what the team will be called in 2022 and beyond, we also feel that “Covering the Corner” can work for anything when it comes to baseball at Progressive Field, at the Corner of Carnegie & Ontario.

For the uninitiated, “the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario” pays homage to the opening call of Tom Hamilton prior to every home game as well as Cleveland’s home stadium being situated — as you might have guessed by now — at the corner of Carnegie Avenue and Ontario Street in downtown Cleveland. Cleveland baseball is played at the Corner, the Corner is Cleveland baseball — no matter what their new name ultimately is.

In the coming days, we’ll be “relaunching” the site through a new series of Covering the Corner Handbook posts to get everyone up to speed on the baseball team, what this site is, who we are, and what to expect when you come here every day to yell about bunting in Game Threads. We hope you’ll join us; we’re happy to have you.

So, without further adieu, welcome to Covering the Corner.