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Amed Rosario might not be long for center field

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Cleveland Indians v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

With Shane Bieber on the mound in yesterday’s ballgame, Cleveland decided to experiment and put infielder Amed Rosario in center field.

Let’s check in on how that went ...

  • Trial No. 1 for Amed Rosario in center field resulted in an E8. He attempted to make a catch moving over to right-center field, and it popped right out of his glove. “
  • Trial No. 2 ... another E8.”
  • “Amed Rosario made a catch after his first two drops, but on a single in shallow center, he booted the ball while fielding it before throwing the ball away, permitting another run to score.”

So yeah, not great. But he did get two hits and score a run in what was an eight-run (losing) effort for his team that included a three-run Yu Chang blast.

• DJ Johnson (note: not the same as Daniel “DJ”/“Jet” Johnson, who needs to spin) and Aaron Bracho are now at Depth Camp, which sounds like some kind of place where controlling mothers send their kids to toootally become the next Michael Phelps.

Around baseball

• The White Sox will be the latest team to try to make Billy Hamilton a thing.

• LeBron James now owns part of the Boston Red Sox.