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Nelson Cruz among Tuesday’s free agent signings

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021

MLB: Houston Astros at Minnesota Twins Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

• The Cubs have signed FA reliever Andrew Chafin. In the NL, we won’t have to hear Tom Hamilton talk about his alma mater much.

• Sean Doolittle has signed with the Reds.

• Wade LeBlanc is going to play for the Orioles again.

• Francisco Liriano is going to play for the Blue Jays again.

• Tampa Bay signed a free agent! Chris Archer is going to play for the Rays again. Signing free agents neeeeeeeever works out for that city. No, never.

• Bad news time: Nelson Cruz is going to play for the Twins again.

• The Orioles are still struggling to find a winning strategy.

• Mickey Callaway denies the screenshotted allegations against him. He’s suspended atm.

• The Red Sox are planning on 24% capacity for ST.