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FOCO's Shane Bieber Triple Crown bobblehead available for pre-order

If there was a septuple crown he would’ve won that, too. Just give him all the crowns

Shane Bieber — 2020 American League Cy Young winner, leader in strikeouts, wins, and earned run average, and apparently only fifth-best pitcher in baseball (?!?!) — is getting a new bobblehead of his own courtesy of FOCO.

The limited-edition bobble will be numbered out of 257 and shipping in early May for $45. They are available for pre-order on FOCO’s website as of today at 4 p.m. ET.


Bieber dominated baseball’s shortened season in the traditional “triple crown” stats of wins, strikeouts, and earned run average as well as just about every advanced measurement out there. He led the league in strikeout rate (41.1%), ERA- (36), SIERA (2.52), FIP (2.07), and xFIP (2.04) — I think you get the idea. He also featured an expected ERA, wOBA, and batting average in the 90th-or-better percentiles, according to Baseball Savant.

He was able to do all this, in large part, because he has effectively mastered the art of pitch tunneling and spin mirroring. Not only can paint the corners with his fastball and newly developed cutter, but he can make all five of his pitches look as though they are coming from the exact same point before darting in different directions.

Bieber is simply ridiculous and now he has a bobblehead to commemorate his accomplishments, as all the greats should.