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Orioles have 0.0% chance of making playoffs, according to FanGraphs

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Spring training starts soon-ish but the sport of baseball is practically inside a news desert right now. But we at LGT have of course found some things to talk about today, like ...

• Aaron Sanchez [remember him!? (no, not Anibal.)] has signed with the SF Giants.

• And Jeff Mathis might land on the Phillies if he can win a job in their spring camp!

• The Indians are going to have a bunch of guys trying to do that same thing and Mandy Bell wrote about them.

• Brett Anderson has struck another one-year deal. I wonder when the last time was that he was signed beyond the current season.

But the thing that people seemed most interested in yesterday was...

• MLB tweeting FanGraphs’ postseason odds, which listed the Baltimore Orioles at 0.0%.