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Indians on Deck Podcast Ep. 23: Collect All the Lindors

Can’t miss out on the next great shortstop if you sign all of them you know?

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Cleveland Indians Summer Workouts Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

This week Brian shares his favorite players in the Indians’ system outside of the LGT Top 20. In addition to this, listeners can enjoy:

  • Keith Law ranked the system second overall in MLB; Matt and Brian agree that it’s been a long time coming (though Law was onto it earlier than most prospect-prospectors).
  • Gobs of switch-hitting middle infielders! College arms galore!
  • The demands of playing catcher in the Cleveland system and whether or not they are magicians.
  • How far can LeBron hit a baseball, and what kind of hitter would he be if he did play? Yes, this makes at least some sense in context. Kinda.

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